AHMET AYDENIZ Construction and Contracting Services
Ahmet Aydeniz Construction Co. is one of the leading, experienced and prestigious firms in Turkish contracting sector, concerning large scale water, environment, energy, agricultural infrastructure, transportation and superstructure projects.

•  Irrigation Canals , Canalets and Drainage Networks
•  Drainage and Flood Control/Protection Structures
•  Pumping Stations, Reservoirs and Ponds
•  Dams, Tunnels and Hydropower Plants
•  Miscellaneous Pipelining and Related Infrastructures
•  Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
•  Water Supply, Sewerage Systems and Networks
•  Transportation Facilities, Roads, Railways, Viaducts
•  Residential compounds and Mass Housing Projects
•  Commercial Buildings , Cultural Centers and Shopping Malls
•  Hospital and Healthcare Buildings
•  Prison and Social Rehabilitation Buildings
•  Service Buildings , Ware Houses and Utilities

As a major contractor of "State Hydraulic Works", has become a specialist especially in construction of irrigation networks, canals, tunnels, reservoir and dam projects.

Ahmet Aydeniz Construction has intact logistical and flexible mobilization characteristics, especially in Eastern and Southeastern Turkey. We have been taking part in very important projects of GAP (Southeastern Anatolian Project) which is the most important investment of Turkey.

.  Sanliurfa Plain Irrigation Section No:2 is the biggest irrigation project completed in the meaning of area in Turkey with 36,000 ha of irrigated area.

.  The on going Upper Harran Irrigation is the biggest Main Canal project

.  Urfa Tunnels which we continue the completion construction are the longest tunnels in the world.

Ahmet Aydeniz Construction has dedicated almost 30 million man-hours over 30 years in the completion of more than 60 project all on time and without defects

The group has successfully built residences and social institutions grossing an indoor construction area of over 300.000 m2 and including electrical and mechanical installations, building automation, and intelligence systems.

Ahmet Aydeniz Construction is proud to deliver irrigation to more than 150.000 ha. of arid land, lodging for approximately 30.000 families, and social services for more than 150.000 people since its inception.

Ahmet Aydeniz Construction is fully confident for its comprehensively responsive approach for potential Engineering / Procurement / Construction Management business opportunities.

We benefit from modern tools and techniques via the collaboration of its substantially dedicated engineers, technicians, project professionals, consultants and qualified administrative staff.

We believe in experiencing a crucial function in sustainable development efforts of Turkey with a portfolio of US$850 million some ongoing domestic contracts.

Internationally, the company is active in Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Maldives, and is expanding its efforts to projects in Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries.